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What is the eMarketing Control?

The eMarketing Control is an application that helps you manage your electronic marketing needs in respect of large email groups, direct two way sms/text messages, and broad contact list with additional information.

The eMarketing Control is excellent for maintaining large or small contact databases and includes extensive contact fields with the ability to capture notes regarding each contact. Each contact can be allocated to a group and category, making this perfect for targeting a specific pool of contacts. You are also able to select from a custom structure that includes fields like, Country, Province, City, Company, Job Title, Gender, Group and Category enabling you to specify exactly what to include and how they should be ordered in the hierarchy when you are selecting the targeted recipients.

The email and sms messages can be personalised by using contact field tags very much like a mail merge. Each message can then be unique by including the contact’s first name, last name, title or other captured information, thus making them feel important, valued and known to you.

The eMarketing Control also includes a calendar component to provide you with an overview of date specific events like birthdays, anniversaries, reminders and notes. You will also see which emails and smses you send out on the calendar.

The remainders are great for keeping track of up and coming events that you wish to inform your subscriber base of. All emails and smses can be scheduled for specific delivery dates and times, taken that you leave the application running in the background during the scheduled time.

What about my contacts privacy?

Your contact database is stored on your local machine or any accessible network location of your choice that is protected by your own network security. The data is not hosted on a public domain and in no which way is any of you contact information ever shared, sold or published. The database can also be password protected if you feel that additional protection is required.

What does it cost?

The eMarketing Control has an annual license fee of R1200 and is payable in advance. All emails are sent out directly from your own machine using your network and or service provider’s smtp service and do not carry a per email cost, unless your service provider specifically levies such a charge, but this we have not yet seen. The smses are charge on a sliding scale depending on the volumes of smses that you send. The sms credits can be paid for using one of two options. On a monthly basis via a debit order system, your per sms rate will depend on the amount of smses that you have sent. Please see our pricing schedule available on Sms Pricing. The second option is on a prepaid basis where you can purchase credits upfront and depending on the volumes you purchase will dictate the cost per sms.

What is included in the license fee?

With the annual license fee you will have access to all the latest updates in real-time and the application will notify you when these are available to download and update. This process is very simplified and requires minimal interaction to update the application to the latest version.

What are my benefits?

The eMarketing Control is a growing application and nothing is set in stone. The application features are driven by you and the rest of our subscriber base. We are always open for suggestions, improvements and integrations. The odds are that if more than a few current or future subscribers will benefit from your suggested improvement; we will add it to our planning board and incorporate it into a future release.

What are the system requirements?

The eMarketing Control was designed to run on any desktop, laptop or device with a Microsoft Windows operating system running XP, Vista or Windows 7 and has the .Net Framework v2 installed. The Microsoft .Net Framework is a free re-disreputable setup that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s web site.

eMarketing Control Installer

» Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Service Pack 1 (x86)

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C: +27 72 209 5523
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E: support(at)emarketingcontrol.com
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