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STEP 1 - Install the eMarketing Control:

Click the Install link above.

You can run\install directly from the link without saving.
Application requirement: Microsoft .Net v2 most likely already installed on your system.
The setup will notify you if the .Net Framework v2 is missing and therefore required.

STEP 2 - Setup
After installation run the application, you will be presented with the setup screen, here is what you will need to specify:
Username: This is the username used in the login screen.
A password is optional and can be set at a later stage.
Mobile: Used for password retrieval in case you forget your password.
Email: Used for password retrieval in case you forget your password.

Display Name: The name that will be displayed to recipient’s machine when email is received.
Address: The email address the email is sent from and also where replied can be sent to.
SMTP Server: Select your ISP from the predefined list or specify other SMTP address.
SMTP Port: The default is 25, unless your ISP has given you something else.
Delivery Notification: Select your preference from the options.
Return Path: The email address that should be used if recipients reply.
Enable Quota: Most ISP’s only allow a certain amount of emails per hour to be sent from one account, this will ensure that this quota does not get exceeded.

Company Name: This is the company account name registered by Being IT Solutions on the Sms Gateway and is case sensitive, please contact us if you are unsure of the exact writing.
Username: This is the username of the above account and is also case sensitive.
Password: This is the secure password of the above account.
Mobile: The mobile number that the recipient sms replies are sent to if you have opted to receive sms replies.
Email: The email address that confirmation of packages from the gateway and recipient sms replies are sent to.

You can at anytime change these settings via the application main screen, but for now you are good to go.

STEP 4 - License your installation:
Once you click OK, you will be presented with the licensing screen.
Please click on REQUEST

Please complete the form and click Submit.

If you need help or encounter any issues during installation or set-up please don't hesitate to contact us.

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