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eMarketing Control
Version 2.9.28
FIX: The contact caching was causing irregular issues.

Version 2.9.27
NEW: Improved contact list performance
NEW: Added the option to change datae format for scheduled email & sms sending (TDL00399)
UPDATE: Improved application stability
UPDATE: Live setting reflecting
UPDATE: General improvements
FIX: Settings values were not constantly saved.

Version 2.9.26
NEW: Added contact selection caching to improve overall performance.

Version 2.9.25
NEW: Added the option to change scheduled email & sms date (TDL00399)
NEW: Improved contact list performance
NEW: Added contact selection caching to improve overall performance.
UPDATE: Improved application stability
UPDATE: Live setting reflecting
UPDATE: General improvements
FIX: Settings values were not constantly saved

Version 2.9.24
NEW: Created a sms template manager. (TDL00150)
NEW: Created an email template manager. (TDL00151)
UPDATE: When viewing sms or email history, it will be read-only.
UPDATE: The large contact toolbar is now removed to gain workable screen space.
UPDATE: The contact toolbar buttons includes text labels and added improved validation on the button states.

Version 2.8.23
NEW: Added option to export sms and email history to Excel or Csv file. (TDL00372)
UPDATE: Improved saving of settings.
UPDATE: Additional images in the main menu.
UPDATE: Various general improvements.
FIX: When launching a second instance of the application a 'No connection could be made' error is raised. (TDL00368)

Version 2.8.22
NEW: Added additional help links in under the Help menu item.
FIX: Resolved the null reference error when upgrading from an old version.

Version 2.8.21
NEW: Created a function to deploy an empty database template. (TDL00237)
UPDATE: Added the ability to rename note categories. (TDL00080)
UPDATE: Added extra keyboard commands for note categories. (TDL00320)
FIX: Contact communication history caused a lag when selecting a contact. (TDL00365)

Version 2.8.20
NEW: Send Sms packages via Web Service. (TDL00007)
UPDATE: When a new contact is created, ensure it is selected after update. (TDL00138)
UPDATE: Contact quick search now includes Company names. (TDL00312)
UPDATE: Able to Copy & Paste text into the sms body. (TDL00023)
UPDATE: When new note is created, the previous note it selected in the tree view. (TDL00309)
FIX: Attachment path is not saved when changed. (TDL00360)
FIX: Error occurs when trying to rename a Note node below the contacts (TDL00363)

Version 2.8.19
FIX: Exception was thown when email sending fails.

Version 2.8.18
NEW: Created a new table to uniquely identify logins in order to track who made what changes. (TDL00275).
NEW: Implemented a system to capture who created or last updated a contact, note, reminder, sms or email (TDL00087).
UPDATE: The notes rich text editor has an updated context menu that with incudes standard functions and a Paste as Plain Text option.
UPDATE: The notes rich text editor now supports keyboard shortcuts: B=Bold, U=Underline, I=Italic (TDL00178).
UPDATE: Updated tab order of the settings form (TDL00290).
FIX: Resolved database update issue concerning null reference regarding DateCreated / DateModified / DateTime.
FIX: Fix: addressed “Deserialization failed. The process cannot access the file...” error when in there is more than one copy of the application is running (TDL00148).
FIX: Updated the Add and Remove button text that was referring to Notes instead of Contacts.
FIX: Subsections in the contact tree view were repeating when using the same section name (TDL00291).
FIX: Fixed the error when creating a reminder and left open or set the time in the past - min DateTime (TDL00271).
FIX: Fixed the issue in the notes section: when click on the attachment button, object reference error.
FIX: Swapped the icon images around that were displayed in the communications tab.

Version 2.7.16
FIX: Error 'Index was out of range.' exception occurs when running the application for the first time or when adding a new profile. (TDL00269)

Version 2.7.15
NEW: Live progress viewing while emails are being sent including a progress bar. (TDL00260)
NEW: Enabled profile renaming. (TDL00265)
NEW: A warning notification is displayed when in offline mode and there are items in the queue to be sent. (TDL00194)
NEW: Created a form to view email failure messages. (TDL0076)
NEW: Clicking on the calendar's email and sms packages will display their details. (TDL00040)
NEW: When switching to Offline mode, emails are stopped immediately. (TDL00194)
UPDATE: Added additional SMTP server addresses.
UPDATE: Improved datagrid refreshing.
FIX: When launching a second instance of the application a 'Requested Service not found' error is raised. (TDL00262)
FIX: When clicking on the TabStrip panel when all tabs are closed causes an error.
FIX: Contact's Custom fields were not updating. (TDL00238)
FIX: The selected count label was reset to 0 when the selected contact changed. (TDL00191)

Version 2.6.14
NEW: Added the option for smtp server authentication and SSL option.
NEW: Added a Reply To option for emails if you wish to have the contacts reply to a different email address.
UPDATE: Changed the toolbar label for Contact to Contacts.
FIX: The email and sms history tab was only showing sent items and not items that failed.
FIX: Various small bugs.

Version 2.5.13
FIX: A debugging character was left behind that caused an error when running a second instance of the application.

Version 2.5.12
NEW: Complete detailed drilldown for email and sms history.
NEW: Communication history tab under contact details.
NEW: New exception dialog for startup errors to help identify exact problem area.
UPDATE: Improved background data refreshing.
FIX: In one instance an sms package was listed under sent when it was not.

Version 2.4.11
FIX: License request validation failed when custom smtp was entered.
FIX: Mixing upper and lower case groups and categories were causing duplicate listings.
FIX: Endless loop when email or sms validation fails during spooling and user is unable to correct details or abort.

Version 2.4.10
NEW: Auto prefix to mobile numbers when number starts with 0.
NEW: Single instance application, if a second instance is launched the first instance will given focus to.
FIX: In some instances, settings were not saved correctly.
FIX: Htm email documents were not editable.
FIX: Address, PO Box and comments did not accept the return key.
FIX: Sms packages were prematurely sent.
FIX: New contacts are enabled by default.

Version 2.3.9
FIX: Sms items were not viewable in Sms Queue and did not send.
NEW: Database upgrade progress form.

Version 2.2.8
FIX: The contact email address search was not returning any results

Version 2.2.7
FIX: Email body was unable to load html files into
FIX: Error recieved when email sending fails: Failed to update email sending failure in the database.
Data type mismatch in criteria expression.
FIX: When selecting Other in the list of Smtp servers, the user is unable to enter custom text.
FIX: Tooltip in TreeView for Add and Delete contact is wrong.
FIX: Tooltip in TreeView for Add and Delete note is wrong
NEW: Cleared the status strip error message when background worker completed successfully.

Version 2.0.1
First beta release

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