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What is the eMarketing Control?
The eMarketing Control is an application that helps you manage your electronic marketing needs in respect of large email groups, direct two way sms/text messages, and broad contact list with additional information.

eMarketing Control License Request Form

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How do I acquire a license?
Download the eMarketing Control here. Install it by following the installation wizard. After launching the application you will be presented with a license activation form. Click on the 'Request' button. You will need to complete the license request form and click 'Submit'.

eMarketing Control License Activation Form

eMarketing Control License Request Form

How do I activate my license?
Open the licese key in notepad, ensure that 'Word Wrap' is off. Select all the text from the license key, right click and select Copy. Launch the eMarketing Control, on the license form click on the label that says ‘Site Key:’, then click 'Activate'.

eMarketing Control License Activation Form

When I try to send my SMS or EMAIL package it does not send; what is wrong?
You might have the applcation in offline mode. See that the check box that says 'Work Offline' on the bottom right of the main form is not checked. It could also be possible that your anti-virus or firewall may be blocking the eMarketing Control from accessing the internet. To remedy this you need to add the program to the allowed or safe list of programs.

Do I have to install the new framework or will it already be installed on my system?
Most windows updates by this point will have included the Microsoft framework v2 that is required. However you will know soon enough if your windows update did not include this as our install package will notify you that it is required for the install and include a direct link to Microsoft to download it.

How are we billed for SMS's?
There are 2 options available to you; either you sign the debit-order agreement and we will debit your account each month @ a per sms rate in line with total volumes for the month; or you can go on the pre-paid system - i.e. you buy credits before you send.

eMarketing Control Installer

» Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Service Pack 1 (x86)

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