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» What is the eMarketing Control?

The BeingIT eMarketing Control puts the control of your database of contacts securely in your hands. Your sensitive and very important customer contact details are safely stored on YOUR computer instead of online where it can be hacked and sold on to third-party companies.

Our program has been a 'work-in-progress' for many years as we develop and improve the application with input from our existing user-base.

Our eMarketing Control allows you to easily store and sort your contacts; the ability to send them either SMSes or emails; schedule sends (email & SMS packages) in your calendar; birthday reminders and many more features.

E-Marketing has become increasingly important in todays markets and it provides you with a quick, easy and more cost-effective means of communicating with your customer base.

»  eMarketing Control v 2.9.28

» Microsoft .NET Framework v v2.0

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